Talking About Gratitude with Intuitive Guide, Kimberly De Rosa

Do you ever have one of those days when you’re super busy, you get a ton of stuff done, yet you still have a million things to do before the day is over, and it feels like your blood pressure levels are going to go though the roof…but it’s a good kind of busy and you feel a total RUSH from doing it all?
Maybe I’m just an adrenaline junkies.  But not the type who jumps out of airplanes or eats the worm at the bottom of the tequila bottle. The good kind…is there a good kind?  Hmmm??
Well, right after I got off an amazing coaching call with my clients, Natalie, where I helped her discover her true calling, and then mapped out her business plan (it was truly inspired!!), I then got on a Facebook Live with Intuitive Guide, Kimberly DeRosa.
We talked about the amazing power of GRATITUDE and how she uses it when with her clients.
Of course we chatted about a bunch other very cool and deeply useful tactics and strategies.
You don’t want to miss!
What’s super-awesome about this interview is the FREE GIFT she offers at the end of it.
Check it out:

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With love and gratitude,
Stacey Grewal