I Cut My Long Hair Off…Why I Think You Should Too!

By May 23, 2014 Be yourself

photo1 (6)I cut my hair off!!  It’s short.  Really short!  And I’m very happy I made the decision.

To any stranger, that fact I cut my hair off is no big deal.  They don’t know what I looked like before the chop, therefore they have no reason to judge the outcome.

To my friends and family, of course, it will take time for them to get used to my new look.  And I’m sure there are a few of them, if not many, who believe I looked way better with my hair long.

To me, however, the act of cutting my long locks off is huge!  And if you’re a woman with long hair (that qualifies at least 50% of female population) it’s huge to you too.

And you know it.

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Why Your Tears May Be the Secret to Your Success

By March 26, 2014 Be yourself
blog your emotions

I was on a group call today with a woman who cried every time she talked about her passion, working with animals. She was totally embarrassed by her sudden outburst of emotion, and she feared that unless she learned to control the crying, her emotions would keep her from having success in business.

I know exactly how girlfriend feels!  All my life I’ve been trying to suppress my true self for fear that people would judge me.  I’ve cut and colored my hair according to what I thought people would think.  I’ve kept from piercing my nose for fear others would judge me, bought clothes that I thought would keep from attracting the wrong kind of attention, and have kept my self purposely small, failing to take risks in business so that people can’t say, “Who the hell do you think you are?!”

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